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FreightRover Logo

FreightRover offers a technology suite designed to streamline supply chain management. Launched in 2017 by transportation executives, FreightRover leverages system connections, cross-sector partnerships, and process automation in its platform design. The company specializes in fintech by intersecting new financial strategies with technology development to push innovation. FreightRover is a Mira Best New Tech Startup winner and includes a growing list of industry-leading integrations within its robust platform. To learn more about FreightRover, visit

Constructyv Logo

Constructyv is a B2B SaaS platform for contractors and home service businesses to easily and profitably manage their back office, eliminating the burden of expensive or complicated management software. With close attention to user experience, Constructyv also provides access to financial services that have historically only been available to large companies. To learn more, visit

Rover180 Logo

Rover180 provides alternative supply chain finance and factoring programs that represent a "180 on traditional finance." Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Rover180 leverages private capital and advanced technology to create flexible funding models that keep cash flow moving across today's evolving supply chain. Learn more at

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Supply Chain Finance Use Case

Payment processing for the $740 billion transportation industry includes a significant amount of manual work - paper copies, three-way matching, accessorial adjustments, and more. For an industry using data to optimize everything from fuel, routes, and hours of service, not much has been done to leverage data around invoicing and payments. Vemity is changing that. Using its trainable AI platform, Vemity processes large amounts of payment data to increase the speed and accuracy of invoicing and payment processing. The machine learning brings predictive automation to human tasks. Why does that matter? Vemity allows companies and their vendors along the supply chain to do more with less. Vemity offers a technology-based scalability option without increasing labor costs to improve payment velocity. Ultimately, companies can spend less time and effort on invoicing and payment processing and more time on core business operations that generate revenue.

Manufacturing Use Case

In a world of on-demand parts manufacturing, companies don’t always have the luxury of driving down price through mass production. Plus, companies want to minimize inventory costs as much as possible. Therefore, it becomes hard to know how much individual parts cost to manufacture. Vemity’s AI platform solves this problem using 3D Auto CAD models of machine parts. The technology recognizes the model and applies data based on size and shape to accurately predict the manufacturing price point. Vemity aids companies in controlling costs and assessing a flexible price point to customers that accounts for necessary margins.